About us

The Start of Variety Bazaar and Why We're Here:

In 2023, Farrukh Khan set up Variety Bazaar in Abu Dhabi. It all began when he tried to buy something and realized cool stuff was either crazy expensive or hard to get. Plus, there was no place for everyone to ask for things not found online in their area.

Who We're Helping:

Our main deal at Variety Bazaar is helping out people who can't find what they want nearby. We're all about making sure everyone gets a shot at cool new stuff.

Sourcing our products:

We get all our products from China. Before we put anything on our site, we check it out real good. And if you want something specific, just drop us a message on our Contact Page or the contact information provided below. 

Support number: +971501530109

Support Email: support@varietybazaarstore.com